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• Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Lets welcome the presence of Lord Lakshmi Narashimhar , one of my mothers favourite God to Dattatreya Lotus

Lord Narasimha is an avatara of Vishnu and worshipped as the “Great Protector” mostly in south india.I have personally experienced the grace of Lord Lakskhmi Narashimhar .

Lakshmi Narashimha swamy with Amritavalli Thayaar in Ahobila cave

Lakshmi Narashimha swamy with Amritavalli Thayaar in Ahobila cave

Lighting Ghee lamp to Lakshmi Narashimhar :

In 2003,i used to go to a temple called shiva vishnu temple where theres a statue of Lakshmi Narashimhar in the wall of the temple. I used to light one ghee lamp and offer yellow flower to the lord everyday and pray.

Habit of feeding few outside temple and little ants :

Once a old women told me that its good to do “anna dhaan ” feed 1000 devotees in the temple ..if not feed atleast the ants.From that day its my habit to fill empty bottle with sugar and everyday make 3 little packets of Sugar and drop it in corner of any road, near bushes , trees etc.I also continued to offer food to few poor people sitting outside any temple.

Thus i was lighting lamps to Lakshmi Narashimhar with a yellow flower everyday and the events that happened in my family really assured me the power of God Lakhmi Narashimhar.

Ahobila Narashimha temple :

I got the below photograph of Lord Lakshmi Narashimha courtesy of wikipedia taken inside a cave in a  holy pilgrime spot called Ahobila .Ahobilam is situated in nandyal , kurnal district of andha pradesh state, India.Its also known as “Singavel Kundran” where Narashihar gives darshan in 9 different forms which is why its known as “Nava Narasimha Kshetram”. I have heared about few more lakshmi Narashimhar temples in tamilnadu especially the one near chengulput.

The God who is present when holy mantra is chanted with pure thoughts :

The most important reason i started to write about “Lakshmi Narashimhar” in our Dattatreya Lotus is that my mother and father has taught me a mantra to share with all good souls who are suffering from debts, financial problems, health issues, problems in marital life and all other issues. My Amma believes that who ever recites this mantra 108 times , surely Lakshmi Narashimhar will be present with them immediately. He is a God who will not delay a moment when the devotee calls with pure heart.

Please chant this mantra regularly after bath or any time you feel pure and when you are facing some sufferings. The most important request for any Lakshmi Narashimhar devotee is that try to be Vegetarian for life time. please read the below mantra regularly.

Any moment you need the presence of Lakshmi Narashimhar please chant Narashimha mantra with pure mind for 108 times

please Chant this mantra 108 times

( the mantra has its full powers  if you are a  vegetarian )

Narashimha Mantra

Naarasimho mahaasimho
Divyasimho mahaabala

Ukkrasimho mahaadeva
Upendra shaak niloshana

Rowdra , Sowrir , Mahaaveera
Vikkrama , paraakrama,
Harikolaa…     halachakri
Vijayacha jayoviya

Lakshmi Narashimhar bless you with good health, harmony in family and workplace, ability to clear your debts and come out of all devils ( problems ) and lead a peaceful life.

Venkat Raman

29: 01 : 2009

Aum Namo Narayanaya

Sairam friends

The below Stotra and article is contributed by my sai friend, a ardent devotee of Lord Narashimhar . I am posting it here for welfare of all children of God.This mantra is powerful and chanting this has lots of benefits given below the mantra.

Sri Nrisimha Dvaadasa Naama Stotram

Harih Om asya Sri Nrisimha dvaadasanaama Stotra Mahaamantrasya vedavyaaso bhagavaan rishih anushtup chhandah; Lakshmi-Nrisimh’ah devataa, Sri Nrisimha preetyarthe jape viniyogah.
Prathamam tu mahaajvaalo, dviteeyam toograkesaree!
Triteeyam vajradamshtrascha, chaturtham tu visaaradah!!

Panchamam Naarasimhascha sashthah kaasyapamardanah!
Saptamo Yaatuhantaa chaashtamo devavallabhah!!

Navamam Prahladavarado dasamo’nantahastakah!!
Ekaadaso mahaarudro dvaadaso daarunastathaa!!

Dvaadasaitaani naamaani Nrisimhasya mahaatmanah!
Mantraraaja iti jnaatam sarvapaapa vinaasanam!!

Kshayaa pasmaara-kushtaadi-taapajvara-nivaaranam!
Raajadvaare mahaaghore sangraame cha jalaantare!!

Girigahvara aaranye vyaaghrachoraamayaadishu!
Rane cha marane chaiva samadam paramam shubham!!

Satamaavartayed yastu muchyate vyaadhibandhanaat!
Aavartayatn sahasram tu labhate vaanchitam phalam!!

Lord Lakshmi Narashimhar blessings !

This mantra containing the 12 Names of Lord Narasimha is a great mantra. It has been written in “Anushtup” prosody by Bhagavan Veda Vyaasa. It is for pleasing Lord Narasimha this ‘japa’ is recited.

The first Name of the Lord is ‘He who has a great effulgence’.

The second Name is ‘He who is a ferocious Lion.’

The third Name is “He who has very sharp teeth, as sharp as a diamond”.

The fourth Name is “He who has renown (is learned) in all the ‘Saastras’”.

The fifth Name is “He who is a Man-Lion”.

The sixth Name is “He who killed the son of sage Kasyapa i.e., Hiranyakasipu”.

The seventh Name is “He who killed ‘raakshasas’”.

The eighth Name is “He who is loved by the gods”.

The ninth Name is “He who gave boons to Prahlada”.

The tenth Name is “He who has innumerable hands.” The eleventh Name is “He who is so furious that He is frightening”.

The twelfth Name is “He who kills enemies in an unimaginably fierce manner.”

Benefits of reciting the above mantra with devotion on Lord Narasimha :

In this manner, the great ‘King among Mantras’ of Lord Narasimha who is such a great Person is known.This will rid one of all sins. This king among hymns will relieve (heal) one from diseases like Tuberculosis, spells of fainting, leprosy and such other dreaded diseases. It will also relieve one from the sorrows of “Samsara” and troubles caused by fever.

A recitation of this Stotra will enable a person to achieve success in matters pertaining to the State and to obtain victory in the most frightful of wars. When one is in the middle of an ocean, in the middle of a forest, when trapped among the caves on a mountain, when one encounters wild animals like the tigers, when troubled by robbers, when fear of death is caused by enemies on a battlefield, a recitation of this Stotra ensures that such fears and troubles are destroyed (eliminated).

How many times to read the Narasimhar Stotra :

Even if this Stotra is read but once, auspicious things will befall a person and the dangers will be destroyed.

Those who wish to obtain relief from bodily illnesses, should read this Stotra a hundred times. If this is read a thousand times, all the wishes and desires would be fulfilled.

Lord Lakshmi Narashimhar bless you and your family with good health , peace and prosperity