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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

sairam friends,

There are few beautiful experiences which i got by divine grace of Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha, the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya. Shree Guru was truely mangificient in this avatar and has done many divine leelas.

Please note that Shree paadha is mostly spelt as Sripada sri vallabha and also SriPad Shri Vallabh. I write Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha as it is closer to the way the divine name must be pronounced.

Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha Pooja :

It was a auspicious evening of 14 :03:2009, when both sankata hara chaturthi and Chitirai nakshatra ( chitta star ) came on the same day. So i was really inspired by our Sai  to do abishekam to lord Ganesha, Shirdi Sai baba and Dattatreya singing the glory of Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha.

Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha Pooja every month during Chitta Star ( Chitirai nakshatram )

Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha Pooja every month during Chitta Star ( Chitirai nakshatram )

Holy bath with Honey and Viboothi :

I suddenly felt like doing holy bath for the God and since i dont have  a statue of shree paadha shree vallabha , i remembered shree paadha and did abishekam for our sweet Sai and Shree Guru Dattatreya. We offered holy bath with Honey and sacred ash viboothi to the God.

Chanting Lord Shiva mantra and Mahalakshmi Ashtothram :

I was also chanting Lord shiva mantra few times after reciting Datta Stavam . I really had a wonderful vision of Ma Mahalakshmi devi. She is truely a goddess of mercy. So to thank Mahalskhmi ma for her Darshan when i closed my eyes, i started reciting Mahalakshmi ashtothram.

Lord Surya shining gloriously blessing you with Good health, Wealth, Peace and prosperity

Lord Surya shining gloriously blessing you with Good health, Wealth, Peace and prosperity

Lord Surya and Shree Guru Datta Blessings :

Since my mother belives in Surya Namaskar, i have made few months back and now am happy to have Lord Surya face as a statue as i can do holy bath, apply kumkum to him to my hearts content.

Truely it was a sai leela that this morning my sai friend punetha and i went to get lamps , we got 10 lamps in bronze/brass and was looking at other statues. I really loved the Lord Surya Face and got it. I thought its like a wall hang but being devoted to Lord Surya, i washed it with tumeric powder, applied kumkum over it and felt the glow and vibration in it. You know the beauty of doing abishekam to Lord Surya was enormous.

We kept the Lord Surya’s face along with Lord Dattatreya and did all holy bath.

I was singing “Dhigambara Dhigambara shree paadha vallabha Dhigambara” all the time. Then sang ” aum sai namo namaha, shree sai namo namaha”. Finally we finished the pooja by reciting “Skandha Guru Kavasam” of Lord Murugan .

I really love Skandha Guru Kavasam.

Auspicious shree paadha shree vallabha pooja in Chitirai nakshatra :

Every month watch for traditional calender when the Citta star – Chitirai nakshatra comes and offer pooja remembering Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha. Shree Paadha was born on a Holy Ganesha chaturti day, so i really felt happy for doing pooja remembering shree paadha to Lord Ganesha and Datta.

Halva Offering to Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha :

My mother had been to my birth place Thirunelveli and got some halva. Since i learnt that Shree Paadha is pleased with Halva offering, i offered it to Shree Guru and showed arti singing “Dhigambara Dhigambara Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhigambara ”

Realize your Love for Shree Guru :

Theres more to write, all i request is the readers must not misunderstand the reason i am writing such messages when i do pooja. This is not to be proud that i did pooja. Infact what i do are very childish expression of devotion. There are spiritual and divine people who do pooja , rituals and read mantra in a better way.

The reason i write is to help everyone realize their own love for the Guru of their choice. I wish it is Shree Guru Datta Avatar shree paaadha, shirdi Sai , Swami Samartha, Narasinha saraswathi and few other holy saints.

Sai Saraswathi, bless me to write about Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha in the days to come.

Shree Guru Datta

Jai Guru Datta

C.Venkat Raman

16 : 03 :2009

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• Wednesday, March 04th, 2009

Sairam friends,

Gurus love on you equals love of crores of Motherly love.

This pooja is dedicated to the Love i got from Guru of all Gurus,

Lord Dattatreya &

The greatest Datta avatar of this Yuga, Sai baba of Shirdi

Its 1 o clock night , I went near the Shirdi Sai baba and Lord Dattatreya Statue in my room, took some udi ( holy ash of shirdi sai baba ) and looked in to the glorious Sai and Datta.  All this day i was doing pooja for Lord Datta and Shirdi Sai baba and felt today itself i must write to all the devotees of shree Guru sharing how i did this pooja, what inspiration i got to do this pooja and why i named it “Bless us with love pooja”.

Dattatreya - A Pooja for Guru of all Gurus

Dattatreya - A Pooja for Guru of all Gurus

Devotion to Lord Dattatreya comes only when Datta wills :

For over  2 months my heart was desiring to get a Statue of Lord Dattatreya. It was a time my devotion to Datta sprug from the desert of my heart. Being a devotee of saint shirdi sai baba, any one would simply say “Sai is avatar of Dattatreya”, they might have simply bowed to a dattatreya Statue or photo in temple etc but devotion to Datta comes only if Datta wills.

This i have experienced very clearly . Sai avatar is the most sweetest linient of all saints. Sai will accept everyone good…bad…honest..dishonest into his darbar and try to bless them with materialistic benefits so that gradually sai can make them a better person. Infact this is one common aspect of all great saints. They dont have difference between evil and good people.

When it comes to Dattatreya, the Guru of all gurus known as Adi Guru and Shree Guru, i have realized only when a person is internally pure , has few good qualities, datta pulls him to his kingdom,increased their devotion on other saints and gods and gradually bless them with both materialistic and spiritual benefits.

Datta Avatar Saibaba showed me the path of Datta Devotion

Datta Avatar Saibaba showed me the path of Datta Devotion

Sai takes me in the path of light.

The light of Guru Deva Datta :

I was one amoung those shirdi sai baba devotee who only have great respect on Lord Dattatreya but never really got devotion towards Datta for years. There used to be a lord dattatreya photo in the Sai baba temple i visit regularly, i bow to the Datta and walk away to see our Sai. In south india people do know about Lord Dattatreya but we can’t find statues of Dattatreya in temples as we find in north india. So i only know that theres a God called Dattatreya and really never was so much devoted to Datta.

Seven months in mumbai was to pull my soul in to Datta devotion :

When i moved to mumbai for job,i really din’t know Gods plan or we can say our shirdi sai babas desire was to make me learn more about Shree Guru Dattatreya and be devoted to Datta. The place i stayed was named after a Datta Mandhir.

A divine invitation from Lord Hanuman :

Once i got a dream as if my mother is praying that i must do a job living closer to her and Hanuman says “see what happens tommorow”.The surprise was a week later, i visited a Hanuman temple where lord hanuman was in black stone same as the one i saw in dream. So it was a Hanuman who pulled me to his darshan .Friends, this experience made me realize how true are words of sai baba. Sai says

“It is not a devotee who comes to me, It is me who pulls a person towards me and make him worship me to be blessed” .

Similarly This sweet Hanuman gave me darshan in dream and after that made me visit his temple regularly.

Bow to Hanuman and Lord Surya everyday :

Every morning when i start to office , i get garlands for Lord Hanuman , bhel leaves for lord shiva and green grass for lord ganesha and offer in a small Hanuman temple, i also bow to lord Rama,sita,lakshman along with Long surya as the rays of sun enters in through the temple window. when i go near my office i visit another Shirdi Sai mandhir, offer garland to Parvathi  Maatha in that temple.

Irrespective of having a Datta mandhir in the same area, i was not aware of it for many months. Later my devotion to datta increased as given below and one fine day there was a decoration in a road. My friend Ashish called me and said theres a Datta mandhir in this place. It was december 12th 2008 , Datta Jayanthi when i first entered this Datta Mandhir.

Before this Datta temple darshan i had darshan of Ek mukhi Dattatreya in sakori village which is 7 miles from shirdi near upasini baba ashram. The reason i mention this is that when we are devoted and have pure thoughts, Gradually Shree Guru makes us understand his powers, love and finally makes us love him by his magnetic power of pulling his devotees once they are purified internally.

Everytime i close my eyes remembering sai,i saw Datta in the walls of Dwarakamai

Everytime i close my eyes remembering sai,i saw Datta in the walls of Dwarakamai

Dattatreya with a affectionate, caring smile in Dwarakamai :

After 2-3 month, something very strange happened. When ever i closed my eyes to remember Shirdi Sai baba, i saw Lord Dattatreya beautifully gloriously showing me a darshan from the walls of Dwarakamai and Chawdi. I have a habit of imagining that i am always inside dwarakamai because the entire universe is dwarkamai for a person who lives keeping sai as his soul.

Somehow i realized its not my imagination but really when ever i close my eyes remembering Dwarakamai ( the masjid where saibaba stayed for 60 years ) and saibaba , Dattatreya is giving me a darshan with a beautiful smiling face. When ever i has this vision i used to have lots of love for sai and Datta . I felt like getting a statue of Lord Dattatreya. Meanwhile one sai friend sent me a book of Saint Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha , the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya. Only when i started to read this book, i got the above vision of shree guru.

Since i was very tired, at times after reading few pages of sai satcharita or any holy books, I used to Hug this book and sleep and was really blessed with divine dreams. I used to think Sai is with me close to my heart when ever i do this. Datta and Sai gives me dreams which were hard to understand but i was very sure that its not meaning of dreams which matters. What matters is Datta and sai have been so kind to me that they inspire me to be more devoted to their holy feets.

Desire to get a Dattatreya Statue in Shirdi :

I tried to get statue of Dattatreya in mumbai but the shops i went had original marble and it was costing more than 20,000 rs . So i was worried for long time. In the month of november 2008 i went to Shirdi for 2 days. I had happy darshan of our Sai and got 2 statues of Lord Dattatreya. My sai guru Gopi sir helped me to get the statues. One little statue of datta, i kept for myself in mumbai. The task now was to pack the big dattatreya statue safely so that it can be couried to my hometown for my parents to show devotion to Datta.

This Big Dattatreya you see in all these photos was bought somewhere outside dwarakamai of our Sai in Shirdi. Gopi sir helped me pack the datta safely and we couriered it to hometown with lots of Care. By Sai grace, Dattatreya reached our house safe.

When ever my parents called up in phone, i used to ask “How is Dattatreya” as if Datta is a family member. My parents used to say ” Datta is fine” .Sometimes i request my parents to offer beetle leaves, at times halva, at times nice lunch to sai baba and Datta in our house. The next day i used to confirm if the offering was done. I am gifted to get such parents who supports me in all the ways to show my love for Shree Guru.

When this Big Beautiful Datta came to our house , my Mothers health was very much in trouble. My mother and father used to read the sacred book Guru Charitra regularly and they feel its the blessings of this Datta that my mother recovered.

When ever i look at this Dattatreya and Sai baba i touch them with a thought in mind that they have been so kind and caring for our family.

Finally i came back to hometown to see Dattatreya :

After few months , i came back to hometown once for all. As soon as i reached home , i kept my bags,spoke few words to parents , directly went to my room and fell on the holy feets of Dattatreya and Sai baba. The first thought which crossed my mind was “Datta looks like Lord Murugan ( karthikeya  ) ” The trishool in lord dattas hands made me feel he looks like Lord subramaniya with his Vel.

Dattaguru with Trishul

Dattaguru with Trishul

Lord Murugan ( karthikeya ) and Dattatreya :

When i was in mumbai i used to ask myself why theres so less Dattatreya temples in south and why so much in north. Then slowly i used to remember the sloka of lord Murugan” Skandha Guru Kavasam” . Its my favourite mantra.  Murugan himself is seen as a Guru and many lines in Skandha Guru kavasam suits the life of Shirdi Sai baba and any good saint. It speaks about Love,light and detachment.

so i childishly thought myself that may be Lord Murugan and Lord Dattatreya are one and the same just forms are different. The best part was i did got 2-3 dreams before i made relating Lord Murugan and Dattatreya. I told this to Gopi sir who lives in shirdi casually. He called me next day and said he also had a dream in which he saw lord Dattatreya in the form of Lord Murugan.

The divine leela has more confirmations. I got a email from someone in delhi asking me if Lord Karthikeya ( murugan ) is same as Dattatreya and this devotee feels so and prays.

I was really happy that God satisfied my childish feeling that may be Lord Murugan and Dattatreya are one.

( I request the spirirual seekers to forgive me if u oppose this . I am not saying what i say is right , i am only sharing the experience i had honestly . Divine leelas are known only to God. I am ignorant ordinary devotee )

Desire to do Pooja for Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai baba :

Now that i am in my own house, Datta is always in our room. The first thing i did was to keep sai statue near Datta because to me , i need to show my love for both Sai and Datta . Ofcourse Sai is DATTA avatar .

Aadi Guru Dattatreya with Sathguru Sainath :

Sometimes my friend in mumbai and even after i came here to hometown my parents used to feel , as if i am deviating from Sainath and now a days more devoted towards Dattatreya. Infact the fact is Sai baba loves it when we are devoted to Datta. This way we are also making our Sai happy.

Bless us with Love pooja for Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai baba

Bless us with Love pooja for Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai baba

Sai loves Devotion to Dattatreya –

Incident during saibaba’s life time :

When i was in shirdi last time, i visited the Datta Paar mandhir situated in the banks of Godavari in kopergoan village. This temple has its place in the sacred book of sai “Shree Sai satcharita.” There is a incident where a devotee regularly has darshan of this Datta mandhir and then comes to shirdi to have darshan of Sai.

Once due to some issue, the devotee skip his visit to datta mandhir and directly comes to see sai in dwarkamai. On his way the devotees legs will be hurted by thorn. Sai baba will ask the devotee why he skiped his usual darshan of Datta mandhir , Hence this punishment from God as a reminder .

See how beautifully sai insists a devotee to be devoted to Lord Dattatreya.

Shirdi Sai baba and Lord Dattatreya in the golden light of lemon lamps

Shirdi Sai baba and Lord Dattatreya in the golden light of lemon lamps

Sai Dattatreya – ” Bless us with Love Pooja “

On march 5th 2009, by Grace of   Lord Ganesha i prepared for Datta pooja. I already got few lemons the day before and kept under holy feets of datta.

In the morning ,i took bath, prayed Lord Ganesha to bless me to do the Sai Datta Pooja and started it.

Its very simple..I offered one lemon , 2 little beetle leaves , a 2 rupee coin and 2 leaf of Money plant as dakshina to Sai and Dattatreya. The reason i kept 2 leaf of money plant is that, i dint bought any flowers and in our house all the plants in which the flowers grow were dried when my mother was sick 2 months back. So only the beetle leaves plant and money plant. I remembered the words of Lord krishna in Gita

“Who ever offers me a flower,a fruit or a leaf with purity of mind and devotion ,i will accept it”

so i decided surely the saints will accept not only the little beetle leaves but also the money plant leaves and started the pooja.

Reciting Mantra written by

Saint Vasudevandha saraswathi – Datta Stavam :

My main interest during the pooja was to read Datta stavam 108 times.I did started sincerely..i would have told datta stavam simoultaneously, cutting the lemons, applying kumkum, doing holy bath for Sai and Dattatreya and then pouring oil, keeping the wicks and then lighting lamps.

Once i lit the lamps, i also have to make sure this divine pooja i do childishly out of love on sai and Datta must inspire all children of Shree Guru ( devotees ). So i took my Camera which my sister got me and started taking photos , while taking photos also i tried to chant Datta Stavam. Sometimes when i forgot the sentences , i used to look at the paper in which i wrote Datta Stavam mantra.

Then i started Chanting

“Dhigambara Dhigambara Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhigambara” …

Then i started chanting

” Om sai Namo Namaha,

Sri Sai Namo Namaha,

Jay Jay Sai namo Namaha,

Sadhguru Sai Namo Namaha”

I was sweating while taking the photos and also doing Pooja. Sometimes i felt am i really doing this pooja with love on Sai Datta because i had to do photography also. Anyway i believe that if thoughts are pure and if we keen doing Naam smaran of Gods name of any mantra surely is a good pooja.

I really dint finish chanting 108 times of Datta stavam mantra. I would have recited more than 30 times for sure.  My mother already made lunch and was keep on calling me for lunch. I was also hungry.

Sai , I want Love :

So i thought of reading sacred books and then finish the pooja. I took Devotees experiences of shirdi saibaba by narasimha swamiji . Theres a beautiful incident explained by a devotee . Once the son in law of Hamadpant had a dream in which sai appeared to him and asked what do you want  ?He has replied ” I want prem ( love )” . From that time onwards when ever he remembers sai or meditates, he could feel enourmous love in him towards guru and Gurus love on him.

When i read this beautiful leela of sai baba, i looked at the statue of Sai beautifully smiling at me with the rudraksha mala. I felt Sai wants me to create a pooja and name it in such a way that the young generation will also be interested in doing such pooja or atleast realizing the value of a Guru’s Love, A saints love and Gods love.

Atma Dakshina is offering of oneself,ego,desires and merging with Shree Guru

Atma Dakshina is offering of oneself,ego,worries, desires and merging with Shree Gurus divine light of love.

There is no greater Gift than

the Love of Guru on us and our Love on Guru.

Guru is greater than God because a Guru resides in ones own soul as a Antaryami. The Guru guides and protects a devotee in each and every aspect of life. Such is the motherly affection of Guru. If we learn that being a sai devotee or Datta devotee itself is a gift that is enough for this life time because when we show our devotion to Saints, their love on us will protect us , help us lead a good wordly life and also spiritually lead us in the path of light.

Let your soul be offered to Datta Sai so that you realize the presence of Greater Soul in you. The light of love.

I dedicate this pooja in the holy feets of Shirdi Sai baba , lord Dattatreya and My parents who gave me their ashirwad after i did the pooja.  This is not a traditional pooja, its something i did with love on sai Datta and also to let all devotees understand that ofcourse rules are rituals are there but what a Saint looks in you, is your pure love on him.

Jai Guru Datta ! Jai Sainath !

Jai Guru Datta ! Jai Sainath !

Let us ever  be in love with our Lord Sai and Dattatreya.

The most beautiful memory of this pooja is that i requested my parents to give me ashirwad, i fall in their feets and they blessed me with Sacred ash.Then my Amma called me for lunch. I took the plate with rice into my room, sat infront of Sai and Datta and playfully, took rice, gave it to them and then had myself. It might be childish but its the way i expressed my love for Saibaba. I also told saibaba not to think i am doing all stupid things because all i have is the Love of SAI  to me and my family and friends.

Sai Datta, please bless all who reads this with good health, good relationships , prosperity and peace of mind.

Sai ki jai

C.Venkat Raman

Always in the holy feets of Shirdi SAI BABA.

march 5th 2009.

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• Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Lets welcome the presence of Lord Lakshmi Narashimhar , one of my mothers favourite God to Dattatreya Lotus

Lord Narasimha is an avatara of Vishnu and worshipped as the “Great Protector” mostly in south india.I have personally experienced the grace of Lord Lakskhmi Narashimhar .

Lakshmi Narashimha swamy with Amritavalli Thayaar in Ahobila cave

Lakshmi Narashimha swamy with Amritavalli Thayaar in Ahobila cave

Lighting Ghee lamp to Lakshmi Narashimhar :

In 2003,i used to go to a temple called shiva vishnu temple where theres a statue of Lakshmi Narashimhar in the wall of the temple. I used to light one ghee lamp and offer yellow flower to the lord everyday and pray.

Habit of feeding few outside temple and little ants :

Once a old women told me that its good to do “anna dhaan ” feed 1000 devotees in the temple ..if not feed atleast the ants.From that day its my habit to fill empty bottle with sugar and everyday make 3 little packets of Sugar and drop it in corner of any road, near bushes , trees etc.I also continued to offer food to few poor people sitting outside any temple.

Thus i was lighting lamps to Lakshmi Narashimhar with a yellow flower everyday and the events that happened in my family really assured me the power of God Lakhmi Narashimhar.

Ahobila Narashimha temple :

I got the below photograph of Lord Lakshmi Narashimha courtesy of wikipedia taken inside a cave in a  holy pilgrime spot called Ahobila .Ahobilam is situated in nandyal , kurnal district of andha pradesh state, India.Its also known as “Singavel Kundran” where Narashihar gives darshan in 9 different forms which is why its known as “Nava Narasimha Kshetram”. I have heared about few more lakshmi Narashimhar temples in tamilnadu especially the one near chengulput.

The God who is present when holy mantra is chanted with pure thoughts :

The most important reason i started to write about “Lakshmi Narashimhar” in our Dattatreya Lotus is that my mother and father has taught me a mantra to share with all good souls who are suffering from debts, financial problems, health issues, problems in marital life and all other issues. My Amma believes that who ever recites this mantra 108 times , surely Lakshmi Narashimhar will be present with them immediately. He is a God who will not delay a moment when the devotee calls with pure heart.

Please chant this mantra regularly after bath or any time you feel pure and when you are facing some sufferings. The most important request for any Lakshmi Narashimhar devotee is that try to be Vegetarian for life time. please read the below mantra regularly.

Any moment you need the presence of Lakshmi Narashimhar please chant Narashimha mantra with pure mind for 108 times

please Chant this mantra 108 times

( the mantra has its full powers  if you are a  vegetarian )

Narashimha Mantra

Naarasimho mahaasimho
Divyasimho mahaabala

Ukkrasimho mahaadeva
Upendra shaak niloshana

Rowdra , Sowrir , Mahaaveera
Vikkrama , paraakrama,
Harikolaa…     halachakri
Vijayacha jayoviya

Lakshmi Narashimhar bless you with good health, harmony in family and workplace, ability to clear your debts and come out of all devils ( problems ) and lead a peaceful life.

Venkat Raman

29: 01 : 2009

Aum Namo Narayanaya

Sairam friends

The below Stotra and article is contributed by my sai friend, a ardent devotee of Lord Narashimhar . I am posting it here for welfare of all children of God.This mantra is powerful and chanting this has lots of benefits given below the mantra.

Sri Nrisimha Dvaadasa Naama Stotram

Harih Om asya Sri Nrisimha dvaadasanaama Stotra Mahaamantrasya vedavyaaso bhagavaan rishih anushtup chhandah; Lakshmi-Nrisimh’ah devataa, Sri Nrisimha preetyarthe jape viniyogah.
Prathamam tu mahaajvaalo, dviteeyam toograkesaree!
Triteeyam vajradamshtrascha, chaturtham tu visaaradah!!

Panchamam Naarasimhascha sashthah kaasyapamardanah!
Saptamo Yaatuhantaa chaashtamo devavallabhah!!

Navamam Prahladavarado dasamo’nantahastakah!!
Ekaadaso mahaarudro dvaadaso daarunastathaa!!

Dvaadasaitaani naamaani Nrisimhasya mahaatmanah!
Mantraraaja iti jnaatam sarvapaapa vinaasanam!!

Kshayaa pasmaara-kushtaadi-taapajvara-nivaaranam!
Raajadvaare mahaaghore sangraame cha jalaantare!!

Girigahvara aaranye vyaaghrachoraamayaadishu!
Rane cha marane chaiva samadam paramam shubham!!

Satamaavartayed yastu muchyate vyaadhibandhanaat!
Aavartayatn sahasram tu labhate vaanchitam phalam!!

Lord Lakshmi Narashimhar blessings !

This mantra containing the 12 Names of Lord Narasimha is a great mantra. It has been written in “Anushtup” prosody by Bhagavan Veda Vyaasa. It is for pleasing Lord Narasimha this ‘japa’ is recited.

The first Name of the Lord is ‘He who has a great effulgence’.

The second Name is ‘He who is a ferocious Lion.’

The third Name is “He who has very sharp teeth, as sharp as a diamond”.

The fourth Name is “He who has renown (is learned) in all the ‘Saastras’”.

The fifth Name is “He who is a Man-Lion”.

The sixth Name is “He who killed the son of sage Kasyapa i.e., Hiranyakasipu”.

The seventh Name is “He who killed ‘raakshasas’”.

The eighth Name is “He who is loved by the gods”.

The ninth Name is “He who gave boons to Prahlada”.

The tenth Name is “He who has innumerable hands.” The eleventh Name is “He who is so furious that He is frightening”.

The twelfth Name is “He who kills enemies in an unimaginably fierce manner.”

Benefits of reciting the above mantra with devotion on Lord Narasimha :

In this manner, the great ‘King among Mantras’ of Lord Narasimha who is such a great Person is known.This will rid one of all sins. This king among hymns will relieve (heal) one from diseases like Tuberculosis, spells of fainting, leprosy and such other dreaded diseases. It will also relieve one from the sorrows of “Samsara” and troubles caused by fever.

A recitation of this Stotra will enable a person to achieve success in matters pertaining to the State and to obtain victory in the most frightful of wars. When one is in the middle of an ocean, in the middle of a forest, when trapped among the caves on a mountain, when one encounters wild animals like the tigers, when troubled by robbers, when fear of death is caused by enemies on a battlefield, a recitation of this Stotra ensures that such fears and troubles are destroyed (eliminated).

How many times to read the Narasimhar Stotra :

Even if this Stotra is read but once, auspicious things will befall a person and the dangers will be destroyed.

Those who wish to obtain relief from bodily illnesses, should read this Stotra a hundred times. If this is read a thousand times, all the wishes and desires would be fulfilled.

Lord Lakshmi Narashimhar bless you and your family with good health , peace and prosperity


• Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Gajanan Maharaj of shegoan – Food is Brahma !

Sairam friends,

Gajanan Maharaj is a saint who lived in the late 18th century like our shirdi Sai baba. I have also learnt from my sai guru Gopi sir that Gajanan maharaj has once come to shirdi …Sai and Gajanan maharaj din’t communicated any words..they simply saw each other and laughed . I have not confirmed this information from any charita of Gajanan maharaj.

One of my students family is devoted to Gajanan maharaj and i also started having some feelings of devotion for this great Saint.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Shegoan

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Shegoan

About Gajanan Maharaj

Das Ganu maharaj describes Gajanan as a lotus who sprung up in the small village of Shegoan and its fragance spread all over the universe.

Discovering a great soul in the streets of shegoan :

Shree Gajanan Maharaj appeared at shegoan on 23rd february 1878. A rich man called Bankatlal agarwal has seen sitting by road side picking particles of food thrown there.Bankatlal and his friend passed by that way and  thought that if this man is really hungry he would have begged for food and himself being a rich man he would have given some food to him.

Bankatlal said why he was eating the food lying on the rkad and offered to serve good food. Gajanan maharaj looked at them for sometime. They realized this man is not ordinary but a saint.

The reason Gajanan maharaj ate the food on the road side is that he wants to convey to the common man that Food is brahma. He said “Annam Brahmeti”.

The difference between good water, dirty water , good food  , dirty food is only if we see things with attachment. Saints see all foods as brahma.

A lesson from Gajanan Maharaj :  Food is God

Infact i still have to learn a lot about Gajanan Maharaj .At present the change which happened in my life is that when ever i eat , if i keep some food remaining , i try my maximum to eat it clean . By grace of sai and Gajanan maharaj my habit of wasting food has reduced. I am sure Gajanan maharaj has lots more to teach us in the days to come.

Gajanan blessings to create a website to help people who are addicted to bad habits :

In shree sai satcharita saibaba has asked several devotees to offer their bad habits as dakshina ( money offerings ) . Not only smoking and drinking but lust, ego, anger, jealousy , lazyness is also bad nature which all saints accepts as Dakshina.

when i was deeply thinking for many days to create a website to help people to offer their bad habits in the holy feets of their sadguru, i had a dream as if i am smoking and i see 2 children who lost their father due to smoking habit are crying “sairam sairam” .

That morning i woke up and felt this smoking dream is a hint by sai to surely work on the new project to help sai children give up bad habits like smoking , drinking etc .

Since i saw myself smoking in the dream ( though i dont smoke ) , i also took it as a blessing of Gajanan Maharaj and by sai grace greated the new website.

Saint Gajanan Maharaj is a smokes Chilim regularly taking puffs deeply with a hissing soung.Surprising fact is that Maharaj smokes chilim only when it is offered affectionately by his devotees and he was not an addict to chilim.

Somehow Gajanan maharaj has captured my heart for life time though his divine leelas in my life is in starting phase. Gajanan maharaj has blessed life of thousands of his devotees with good health, peace and prosperity.

Temple of Gajanan Maharaj :

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj temple is situated near Malkapur district in a small village called Shegoan in Maharastra state,India.

Video of Gajanan Maharaj – Arti

Brotherly affection of Sai baba and Gajanan Maharaj

I  realized Gajanan Maharaj blessings for me when i was trying to make a something good for humanity and prayed shirdi saibaba to give me a hint if i should make a project to help people who has bad habits like smoking/drinking, and generally all of us to surrender our ego,pride,jealousy and lust etc in sadgurus holy feets.

That night i was remembering sai and also was remembering that one of my student always asking me to make a good video for Gajanan maharaj. I was blessed with a  dream as if i am smoking and 2 children crying sairam sairam in dream as their father has passed away due to his bad habit. I realized many children and innocent people are affected by the people who has bad habits like husband drinking spoils a womens like and intern the childrens life. So decided to surely make the website.

i took it as a hint that Sai is blessing me in the form of Gajanan maharaj

i also have read the brotherly affection of shirdi saibaba and Gajana maharaj…..once when Gajanan maharaj has come to shirdi, sai and him both simply saw each other and laughed loudly…may be they were communicating something divine…

when Gajanan maharaj had his samadhi, though shirdi was miles away from shegoan ,Sai Baba has exclimed with deep pain

“My Gajanan has gone”…

Thus we realized all saints love and respect each other and were living for welfare of humanity.

friends..the musician and singer of this video is thanked whole heartedly. My student gave this to me and we edited it this morning by blessings of sai saraswathi

All good Saints are caring, loving and affectionate

Gajanan Maharaj and shirdi Sai Baba bless you with good health, Long life, Peace and prosperity. The most important thing we gain from saints are the wisdom we gain by worshipping them.

Gajanan Maharaj always used to say “Gan Gan Ganata Botey” ….

Venkat Raman

28 : 01: 2009

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• Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Guru Paduka Stotram

Prayer to the Sandals of Sadguru

This is a beautiful poem composed by saint Aadhi Shankara about the value of surrendering to Guru’s Holy feets. Dattatreya and all his avatars have led a simple life in service of humanity. A Sadguru is a true Guru who guides a devotee in all aspects of his life, externally and internally. Please feel the divine bliss by reading the Guru Padhuka Stotram along with meaning by a good servant of God Mr.Ramachander.

Surrender to holy feets of Sadguru

Surrender to holy feets of Sadguru

Guru Paduka Stotram by Aadhi Shankara Bhagawat Pada
Translation curtesy of P.R.Ramachander


Anantha samsara samudhra thara naukayithabhyam  guru bhakthithabhyam,
Vairagya samrajyadha poojanabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which is a boat,  which helps me ,cross the endless ocean of life,
Which endows me, with  the sense of devotion to my Guru,
And by worship of which,  I attain the dominion of renunciation


Kavithva varasini sagarabhyam, dourbhagya davambudha malikabhyam,
Dhoorikrutha namra vipathithabhyam, , namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which is the ocean of knowledge, resembling the full moon,
Which is the water, which puts out the fire of misfortunes,
And which removes distresses of those who prostrate before it.


Natha yayo sripatitam samiyu kadachidapyasu daridra varya,
Mookascha vachaspathitham hi  thabhyam ,namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which make those who prostrate before it,
Possessors of great wealth, even if they are very poor,,
And which makes even dumb people in to great orators.


Naleeka neekasa pada hrithabhyam, nana vimohadhi nivarikabyam,
Nama janabheeshtathathi pradhabhyam namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which attracts us , to lotus like feet of our Guru,
Which cures us, of the unwanted desires,
And which helps fulfill the desires of those who salute.


Nrupali mouleebraja rathna kanthi sariddha raja jjashakanyakabhyam,
Nrupadvadhabhyam  nathaloka pankhthe, namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which shine like gems on the crown of a king,
Which shine like a maid in the crocodile infested stream,
And which make the devotees attain the status of a king.


Papandhakara arka paramparabhyam, thapathryaheendra khageswarabhyam,
Jadyadhi samsoshana vadaveebhyam namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which is like a series of Suns,  driving away the dark sins,
Which is like the king of eagles, driving away the cobra of miseries,
And which is like a terrific fire drying away the ocean of ignorance.


Shamadhi shatka pradha vaibhavabhyam,Samadhi dhana vratha deeksithabhyam,
Ramadhavadeegra sthirha bhakthidabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru,
Which endows us, with the glorious six qualities like sham,
Which gives the students  ,the ability to go in to eternal trance,
And which helps to get perennial devotion to the feet of Vishnu.


Swarchaparana makhileshtathabhyam, swaha sahayaksha durndarabhyam,
Swanthachad bhava pradha poojanabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru
Which bestows all desires of the serving disciples,
Who are ever involved in carrying the burden of service
And which helps the aspirants to the state of realization.


Kaamadhi sarpa vraja garudabhyam, viveka vairagya nidhi pradhabhyam,
Bhodha pradhabhyam drutha mokshathabhyam, namo nama sri guru padukhabyam.

Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru
Which is the Garuda ,which drives away the serpent of passion,
Which provides one, with the treasure of wisdom and renunciation,
Which blesses one ,with enlightened knowledge,
And blesses the aspirant with speedy salvation.

Guru Paduka stotram over.

sairam friends,
In modern days many people are deviated by false person in the name of Guru/saint using ancient saints name, Please remember to accept only a good soul as your sadguru and surrender your desires and yourself to his holy feets.

Shirdi Sai baba and Lord Dattatreya bless you with peace


• Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Sairam friends,

Jai Guru Datta !

Please read this wonderful sacred holy names of Shree Guru Dattatreya .Its very powerful and you will feel the presence of Datta every time you read this.You can also do this like a pooja. Every day offer some water infront of dattatreya or any good saint like shirdi saibaba photo and recite the below Dattatreya Astothram . Then drinkt the water as prasad of Datta. Surely you will be blessed.

Dattatreya Astothram

108 sacred names of Shree Guru Dattatreya

Om Dattatreyaaya Namah

Om Sri Dattaaya Namah

Om Devadattaaya Namah

Om Brahmadattaaya Namah

Om Vishnudattaaya Namah

Om Sivadattaaya Namah

Om Atridattaaya Namah

Om Aatreyaaya Namah

Om Atrivaradaaya Namah

Om Anasuyaaya Namah

Om Anasuyaasunave Namah

Om Avadhutaaya Namah

Om Dharmaaya Namah

Om Dharmaparayanaaya Namah

Om Dharmapataye Namah

Om Siddhaaya Namah

Om Siddhidaaya Namah

Om Siddhipataye Namah

Om Siddhisevitaaya Namah

Om Gurave Namah

Om Gurugamyaaya Namah

Om Gurorgurutaraaya Namah

Om Garishttaaya Namah

Om Varishttaaya Namah

Om Mahishttaaya Namah

Om Mahatmane Namah

Om Yogaaya Namah

Om Yogagamyaaya Namah

Om Yogaadesakaraaya Namah

Om Yogapataye Namah

Om Yogeesaaya Namah

Om Yogaadheesaaya Namah

Om Yogaparaayanaaya Namah

Om Yogidhyeyamghri Pankajaaya Namah

Om Digambaraaya Namah

Om Divyambaraaya Namah

Om Peetambaraaya Namah

Om Svetambaraaya Namah

Om Chitrambaraaya Namah

Om Aghoraaya Namah

Om Moodhaaya Namah

Om Urdhvaretase Namah

Om Ekavaktraaya Namah

Om Anekavaktraaya Namah

Om Dvinetraaya Namah

Om Trinetraaya Namah

Om Dvibhujaaya Namah

Om Shadbhujaaya Namah

Om Akshamaaline Namah

Om Kamanduludhaarine Namah

Om Sooline Namah

Om Damarudharine Namah

Om Samkhine Namah

Om Gadine Namah

Om Munaye Namah

Om Baalaaya Namah

Om Baalaveeryaaya Namah

Om Kumaaraaya Namah

Om Kishoraaya Namah

Om Kandarpamohanaaya Namah

Om Ardhangalingitaaya Namah

Om Suraagaaya Namah

Om Viraagaaya Namah

Om Veetaraagaaya Namah

Om Amruthavarshine Namah

Om Ugraaya Namah

Om Anugraroopaaya Namah

Om Sthaviraaya Namah

Om Sthaveeyase Namah

Om Shantaaya Namah

Om Mouline Namah

Om Viroopaaya Namah

Om Swaroopaaya Namah

Om Sahasrasirase Namah

Om Sahasraakshaaya Namah

Om Sahasrabaahave Namah

Om Sahapraayudhaaya Namah

Om Sahasrapaadaaya Namah

Om Sahasrapadmarchitaaya Namah

Om Padmahasthaaya Namah

Om Padmapaadaaya Namah

Om Padmanaabhaaya Namah

Om Padmamaaline Namah

Om Padmagarbhaarunaakshaaya Namah

Om Padmakimjalkavarchase Namah

Om Jnaanine Namah

Om Jnaanagamyaaya Namah

Om Jnanavijnanamoortaye Namah

Om Dhyanine Namah

Om Dhyananishtaaya Namah

Om Dhyaanasthimitamoortaye Namah

Om Dhoolidhoosaritaangaaya Namah

Om Chandanaliptamoortaye Namah

Om Bhasmodhoolitadehaaya Namah

Om Divyagandhanulepine Namah

Om Prasannaaya Namah

Om Pramathhaaya Namah

Om Prakrushtaarthapradaaya Namah

Om Ashtishwaryapradhaanaaya Namah

Om Varadaaya Namah

Om Vareeyase Namah

Om Brahmane Namah

Om Brahmaroopaaya Namah

Om Vishnave Namah

Om Vishwaroopine Namah

Om Shankaraaya Namah

Om Aatmane Namah

Om Antaraatmane Namah

Jai Guru Datta

Jai Guru Datta

Jai Guru Datta

Dattatreya bless you with peace and prosperity, good health.

• Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Sairam friends,

Many of my sai friends used to read this Datta Stavam…Its very very powerful mantra for Shree Guru Dattatreya.
Please read this Datta Stavam Regularly and be blessed with good health, prosperity and peace of mind.

Datta stavam

The Stotra is also called as
“Jaya Laabhaadhikara Shree Dattastavam”

Way to chant Datta stavam

whole heartedly feel Shree Guru Dattatreya lives in your own mind,
offer flowers to his holy feets by your imagination and start to chant only thinking that any of your guru like shirdi sai baba, Shree Paadha shree vallabha, Swami samartha, Narashimha saraswathi or Dattatreya himself is present infront of your mental eyes every time you chant this holy mantra.

This Stotra has 9 slokas and is written by the great Saint

Shri Vasudevanand Saraswathy swamy Maharaj

also called as  “Tembe swamy”

You can chant this mantra 9 times a day for a life time or atleast once or thrice a day. some Dattreya devotees chant this mantra 9 times a day for 40 days as a belief that their wish get fulfilled

Datta Stavam mantra will bless you and your family with good health,wealth, and peace. Please read the Datta stavam given below and gain blessings of Lord Dattatreya

Datta Stavam

Sree ganeshaya namaha !!!!
Sree saraswathyaya namaha !!!!
Sree padha vallabha narashimha saraswathi
Sree guru dattatreyaya namaha !!!

1. Dattatreyam mahaatmaanam, Varadam bhakta vatsalam
Prapannarthi haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu

2. Deenabandhum Krupasindhum, Sarvakaarana kaaranam
Sarva rakshaa karam vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu

3. Saraanagatha deenarthaa, Paritraana paraayanam
Naraayanam vibhum vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu

4. Sarvaanardha haram devam, Sarva mangala mangalam
Sarvaklesa haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu

5. Brahmanyam dharma tattvagyam, Bhakta keerthi vivardhanam
Bhaktabheesta pradam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu

6. Sosanam paapa pankasya, Deepanam gnaana thejasahah
Thaapa prasamanam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu

7. Sarva roga prasamanam,Sarvapeeda nivaaranam
Vipadhudharanam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu

8. Janmasamsaara bhandhagnam, Swaroopaananda daayakam
Nissreyasa padam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu

9. Jaya laabahah yasah kaamaa, Daathur dattasya yastavam
Bhogamoksha pradasyemam,Prapatheth sakruthee bhaveth

Jai Guru Datta !
Jai Guru Datta !
Jai Guru Datta !

Read the above Datta Stavam atleast 9 times a day and be blessed.

• Wednesday, January 21st, 2009


Sairam friends,

My sai friend Renuka contributed these beautiful mantra and slokas of Lord Dattatreya. Please read them regularly whole heartedly remebering Shree Guru Dattatreya

Dattatreya slokam

Aum Sri parabrahmaa! Sri paramatmane Namaha

Udbathi siddhi pralaya karaaya brahma

Hariharaaya thrupunaathmana

Sarva gowthuga, nidharshaya, dharshaya

Dattatreya namaha

Tanthra, manthra

Siddhi guru swaahaa!

Datta Gayathri

Om Dattathreya Vidmahe

Atri putraaya dhimahi

Thanno Datta prachodhayat!

Datta sloka

Sarva aparaadha naashaaya

Sarva paapa haraaya cha

Deva devaaya devaaya

Sri dattatreya namosthuthe!