Om Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha

About Lord Dattatreya and

Lord Dattatreya is Guru of all Gurus considered as Incarnation of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma born to the great Saint Atri and his devoted wife Anusuya . This is Datta meaning ” to give – Gift ” because a pure saint always gives back what he has to this world. The great powers Datta avatars derived by their entire life in detachment like meditation is gifted for the benefits of their devotees.

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Datta receives and answers Millions of prayers every minute

Which ever God you pray it reaches Shri padha shri vallabha, the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya in 13th century meaing Lord Dattatreya is that one great Illumination which is the great cause of all causes.  Dattatreya creates ,protects and destroys millions of universes at his will.  This website is a humble expression of my love for Lord Dattatreya  . What ever is expressed in this site is based on my personal experiences and things shared by my sai friends who are devotees of Saint Sainath one of the famous avatar of Dattatreya in late 18th century.

Offer Garland of Lotus by chanting Datta mantra and any of Sadgurus mantra regularly in your mind…every time you chant the sacred mantra lets feel that our Guru who resides in our own soul accepts it as a lotus.

Many of my sai friends try to chant the holy mantra 108 times or 1008 times a day. How blissful it is to offer a garland of 108 lotus to the Shree Guru Dattatreya who is the Guru of all Gurus and guides us in every aspect of our life.

( Note that this website is to spread devotion to Lord Dattatreya , a Hindu deity incarnated in Ancient ages. No one is forced to chant mantra nor any promises made or it is about a guru who lives at present.  Dattatreya Lotus is made through the divine commands of Shirdi Saibaba for devotees of Lord Dattatreya

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Sairam friends,

Welcome to , a divine effort by commands and blessings of Lord Ganehsa, Shirdi Sai baba , my family God Lord Murugan and my parents ashirwad.

Dattatreya lives in the lotus of your heart

Dattatreya lives in the lotus of your heart

I have taken this effort only as a ordinary shirdi saibaba devotee and my humble request to all good souls to accept the contents of dattatreyalotus only as a innocent, humble expression of my love which came as tears of blissful feeling remembering the sacred eyes and holy paadhukas of Shree Dattatreya.

Dattatreya is considered as a Avatar of Shiva , Vishnu and Brahma and many have realized that Dattatreya is Guru of all gurus. Datta is one divine illusion through which all the creation is made. The term “Lotus” is added as we wish to spread the value of “Chanting of Guru Mantra” . Every time you whole heartedly do Naam smaran ( chanting ) its equal to offering a Garland of Lotus to Lord Dattatreya and the sadguru who lives in your own heart and guide you in all aspects of your life…

Guru of all Gurus – Lord Dattatreya

Lets surrender our body , mind and soul to Lord Dattatreya and his holy avatars :

The divine Guru of all Sadguru Lord Dattatreya is inspiring , motivating and making me shed tears remembering his holiness. The very feeling that my devotion to all Hindu God , respect for all  religion ( way of worship ) and deep bond as a child of shirdi saibaba (sai considers his devotees as his own children )  has now lead me to devotion towards the Guru of all Gurus, Saint of all Saints, Lord Shree Dattatreya of ancient Yuga.

lord dattatreya

lord dattatreya

Blessings of Lord Ganesha and Dattatreya :

When i wanted to make people realize the value of Dattatreya Worship and his greatness, i contineously felt the blessings of Lord Ganesha
and Dattatreya by few incidents.In the early morning of 17th jan 2009 i had a dream in which i saw few cows .Few days before this i had a dream of few white beautiful cows grassing in a scenic village. Then i saw the close up of the cows eye alone …even the reflection of scenic place could be seen in the cows eyes. When i had this dream i felt blissful and always felt that its a indication that Lord Dattatreya is blessing me .In the past few months i get few dreams of dogs , cows and birds. Mostly the dreams had Lord Ganesha and Hanuman.

Infact on 17:01:2009, i woke up to have  tea a small shop. I dint took bath but went out of the room and took tea. Somehow i felt like feeding some grass to the cows which were kept infront of the small shiva mandhir near my place. So i crossed the subway and since i dint took bath, simply felt i will feed grass to the cows and be back.

Somehow when i went near the shiva mandhir, i bowed to lord shiva..On the left side is a lord ganapathy statue and right side is lord Dattatreya statue..With out my own will to do it, i asked the flower seller to give me a garland..he gave me bhel leaves along with the garland..

I first offered a flower to lord ganesha, went in towards the shiva linga and offered bhel leaves..Then i offered the Garland to Shree Dattatreya. This is the first time i myself offered  a garland to Dattatreya statue in a temple. I felt really really pleased. While offering the garland in my mind i kept on chanting

“Dhigambara Dhigambara

Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhigambara”

Then i offered green grass to the cows and went to room.

On 19th jan 2009, when i decided to make a website which must have true pure emotions of my love for Lord Dattatreya, i was deciding on the name for the domain. Somehow i was thinking , the site must help all devotees to understand the Beautiful Guru Parampara comprising of

Lord Dattatreya – The Guru of all Gurus
and His avatars

1.Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha

2.Narasimha Saraswati

3.Manik Prabhu

4.Swami Samartha – Akalkot maharaj

5.Sai Baba of shirdi

Infact i also realized all good saints like Gajanan Maharaj,  Tembi swami and few good souls have served humanity with deep relationship with Lord Dattatreya.

when i was planning to make a website for Lord Dattatreya, i also remembered one of the dream i got few days back…

In the dream i saw someone has photographed a beautiful image which is written in tamil on a grill. “Smruthi” . Then i woke up and remembered the words

“Smruthi Maathra Prasannam” which means simply by whole heartedly remembering the saint, they will be present with us.”shreepaadha shree vallabha , the incarnation of Dattatreya will be pleased by just remembering him…other dieties wants us to perform some rituals etc but shree paadha shree vallabha is Sadguru who has the aspect called “Smruthi maathra prasanna” meaning The one who is pleased and protects us just be remembering.

The words are curtesy of a very sacred book “Shree paadha Shree Vallabha charitramrutam ” which one of my sai friend gifted few months back.

Naam Smaran : Chanting Gods, Saints name, Mantra whole heartedly in mind

“Dattatreya Lotus” is all about helping people realize the value of Naam smaran…Chanting of Gods name. Especially when you chant any mantra of a pure sadguru in your mind contineously even when you do other works , surely they will be present in your own heart and also around you, where ever you go , what ever you do.
More reading about chanting can be seen at

The Sadgurus are Shiva Swarupa : Chanting holy names Dattatreya and 4 avatars of Lord Dattatreya

Sai blessed me with a beautiful dream based on what i have been chanting whole heartedly past few days

The lord of Guru is Dattatreya  and one of his avatar in ancient yuga is Dhigambara thats why the name “Dhigambara” is very holy.

You know friends, though my mind always love to chant

Sai sai sai
aum sai namo namah
and also now a days

Dhigambara Dhigambara Shree paadha vallabha Dhigambara

somehow my mind started to chant the names as follows..i included Akalkot Maharaj Shree Swami Samarth and our Sai as i love them….

my chanting in mind was like this

“Datta Dhigambara
Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhigambara
Narasimha Saraswati Dhigamabara
Swami Samarth Dhigambara
Sai Dhigambara”

Thus when we chant contineously the holy names of lord of Guru Shree Dattatreya and holy avatars ….it makes me feel good as we are able to remember 4 avatars of dattatreya with in 3 to 4 seconds.

sometimes i felt odd also why i am chanting like this.( January 16th 2009 )

Pancha Linga Tattwa – Chanting holy names of Pancha Avatar

January 16th 2009

This morning i got  a dream like this

Before saying this dream i wud like to say that some sunday night my friend Ashish used to get a milk packet for him to drink and i used to get some milk from that to do abishekam for the dattatreya i got in shirdi…

now the dream starts…

Me and my friend ashish are going some where to a lord shiva temple…outside the main hall of temple theres a shiva lingam and also  Nandhi.
strangely the shiva lingam is kept over a stone in which people used to wash clothes in over a granite stone.
Then below this stone in a distance of 3-5 feets the Nandhi is kept.Inside the temple i have 5 Shiva Lingam statues which is of my own…

Ashish have one packet milk and i get the milk from him and pour on the Nandhi….i get a idea to do abishekam to my little Shiva Lingam and also make sure the milk flows over the i run inside the temple , bring one of the 5 Shiva Lingam and do holy bath for shiva lingam which then flows over the Nandhi .

Friends,i woke up and told ashish

Pancha lingam….
Pancha lingam
pancha lingam

i saw 5 Lingam…

in south india, coimbatore, on the way to udupalpet theres a holy river on mountain called “Thiru murthi malai.

There 5 shiva lingam are worshiped. we used to go to this place when we were kids..its called “Pancha Lingam”

i took bath in cold water as today water heater gone repire…then i went to Hanuman mandhir…theres a little Shiva Lingam kept under the tree..i offered many bhel leaves to the lingam all the time i was chanting

“Datta Dhigambara

Shree Paadha vallabha dhigambara

Narashiha saraswathi Dhigambara

Swami Samartha Dhigambara

Sai Dhigambara”

This made me truely feel the bliss of Sai and Guru Dattatreya.

what i understood from the dream

1. I realized Dattatreya clears my doubt as i felt odd why am chanting like this in mind…sometimes i can feel the god vision of a huge feets and over which we are offering our selves ….offering milk and doing abishekam.

2.Dattatreya is not just the incarnation of shiva, vishnu and brahma, …Dattatreya is one huge illumination and to me Dattatreya is a Shiva Swaroopa. He is sometimes with form and formless too…”Smruthi maathra prasanna” goes for Datta…Datta comes to us the moment we remember datta, datta, datta or any God or saints name is chanted and remembered whole heartedly

3.Friends…i was chanting 5 holy names of sadgurus….and i saw Pancha lingam in dream…

i used to do abishekam for dattatreya statue with milk….now it seems that when i do abishekam remembering all these gurus to dattatreya, its like doing abishekam to Lord shiva…this also gives us a message that all these Gurus,

Shree paadha shree vallabha,
Narashimha saraswati,
Swami samartha
and our shirdi sai baba are
Avatars of Dattatreya and Shiva swaroopa.

4.Only when i started to write this dream i realized why i saw in the dream as if the shiva lingam in temple is kept over a stone which is used to wash clothes.
i learnt in shirdi that the granite stone kept in front of dwarakamai where sai used to sit was once used by dobi’s to wash clothes.

See the leela of our sai friends….

Sai has beautifully conveyed his light is one with lord shiva. The light of Sai and all sadgurus are same as lord shiva.
Saints dont convey their powers and reality when they live, but our sai through a devotee megha who offered bhel leaves for sai and gave him holy bath made us see sai as lord shiva.Even for devotees who see sai as only  a saint, i had dream vision to me to chant

“sai paadha lingam”

“sai paadha lingam”

“sai paadha lingam”

which is very blissful and can be sung from bottom of our heart… We have to realte our Atma with mantra and not simply chant.
“Sai Paadha Lingam” means we have to surrender totally to the holy feets of sadguru shirdi saibaba, then sai will lead us to Lingam , the holy light of God.

sai bless you friends,

if you are interested , please try to chant like this

imagine 5 little shiva linga in your own mind in chest area…feel that theres a temple in your heart.

Then offer milk,chandan,water …all holy bath to it….light  5 lamps and when you imagine all this


“Datta Dhigambara

Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhigambara

Narasimha Saraswati Dhigamabara

Swami Samartha Dhigambara

Sai Dhigambara”

The Pancha Lingam who came as Avataras for the welfare of all lives will bless you friends

Om shree  sai  naathaaya namaha

for sai devotees i always request to chant simply….

sai sai sai
sai sai sai
sai sai sai

Chantings of Lord Dattatreya and his holy Avataras are given below..Now a days there are many people using the name of Shirdi Saibaba , Dattatreya and say that they are Guru , Dattatreya and Sai is living in them to help the devotees. Please do not go behind such false people. Dattatreya and all his holy avatars will come in your mind and live in your mind the moment you whole heartedly call them…When i say call , affectionately, with pure habits and good thoughts chant any mantra you like or simply the name of Shree paadha shree vallabha, Narasimha Saraswati,Swami Samarth and Shirdi Saibaba. Surely you will feel the presence of Dattatreya and his avatars in yourself.

In kaliyug false people will emerge calling themselves as messenger, guru, sadguru or what ever but remember to gain blessings of Lord Dattatreya and his avatars like Shirdi Saibaba, all you need is pure thoughts, good habits and constant rememberance of their holy name and mantra. When ever you can afford , please do some good deeds for the poor and needy.If you dont get chance to serve the poor, simply give gifts to children , help people in day to day life, help people in office..This way your life will become meaningful.

“Sai Datta, Bless us with your love”

To be loved by Guru  and loving the Guru is a lifetime gift

Below is the “Bless us with Love Pooja” in my house by blessings of Lord Ganesha and did photography by grace of Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Amman. A simple pooja i did lighting lemon lamps ,doing holy bath for shirdi saibaba and dattatreya to be blessed with “Love of the Guru and also make me realize the greatness of guru and Love him all my life”

Bless us with Love pooja for Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai baba

Bless us with Love pooja for Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai baba

You can choose to chant any of these Sadgurus holy mantra ..

Chanting in mind whole heartedly remembering lord Dattarreya

1. Dhigambara Dhigambara Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhiagambara

Chanting in mind whole heartedly remembering Shirdi Saibaba

1.Om sai Namo Namaha
Shree Sai Namo Namaha
Jaya jaya sai Namo Namaha
Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha

2. Om sri sai ram

3.Om Sainaathaaya Namaha

4.simply chanting

Sai sai sai
sai sai sai
sai sai sai

you can pronounce it as “SaaYee” whole heartedly with love and affection on our shirdi sai baba

Chanting in mind whole heartedly remembering Swami Samartha – Akalkot Maharaj

” Shree Swami Samartha jai jai
Swami Samartha
Maharaj !
Shree Swami Samartha Jai jai
Swami Samartha

Friends, Lets offer a beautiful Lotus Garland to the holy feets of Lord Dattatreya..

we can offer a Lotus Garland made of very few lotus

or 108 ltous

or 1008 lotus garland.

What i mean is every time you chant the holy name of Lord Dattatreya and his Holy avatars its like offering a beautiful divine garland to the sadguru who lives in your own heart.

which is why i hope our sweet saint shirdi saibaba , made me name this holy place as “Dattatreya Lotus”

Dhigambara Dhigambara Shree Paadha Vallabha Dhihambara

Venkat Raman

Always in the holy feets of Shirdi Sai Baba

20 :01: 2009

you can mail me from the email id at

The painting of Lord Dattatreya is used by courtesy from wikipedia. The Photo of Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai baba is taken when i did a pooja praying Shree Guru to bless everyone with love on God and Gods love on us. Hence it is “Bless us with love pooja”. The photos and contents are copyrights protected.