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• Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Gajanan Maharaj of shegoan – Food is Brahma !

Sairam friends,

Gajanan Maharaj is a saint who lived in the late 18th century like our shirdi Sai baba. I have also learnt from my sai guru Gopi sir that Gajanan maharaj has once come to shirdi …Sai and Gajanan maharaj din’t communicated any words..they simply saw each other and laughed . I have not confirmed this information from any charita of Gajanan maharaj.

One of my students family is devoted to Gajanan maharaj and i also started having some feelings of devotion for this great Saint.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Shegoan

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Shegoan

About Gajanan Maharaj

Das Ganu maharaj describes Gajanan as a lotus who sprung up in the small village of Shegoan and its fragance spread all over the universe.

Discovering a great soul in the streets of shegoan :

Shree Gajanan Maharaj appeared at shegoan on 23rd february 1878. A rich man called Bankatlal agarwal has seen sitting by road side picking particles of food thrown there.Bankatlal and his friend passed by that way and  thought that if this man is really hungry he would have begged for food and himself being a rich man he would have given some food to him.

Bankatlal said why he was eating the food lying on the rkad and offered to serve good food. Gajanan maharaj looked at them for sometime. They realized this man is not ordinary but a saint.

The reason Gajanan maharaj ate the food on the road side is that he wants to convey to the common man that Food is brahma. He said “Annam Brahmeti”.

The difference between good water, dirty water , good food  , dirty food is only if we see things with attachment. Saints see all foods as brahma.

A lesson from Gajanan Maharaj :  Food is God

Infact i still have to learn a lot about Gajanan Maharaj .At present the change which happened in my life is that when ever i eat , if i keep some food remaining , i try my maximum to eat it clean . By grace of sai and Gajanan maharaj my habit of wasting food has reduced. I am sure Gajanan maharaj has lots more to teach us in the days to come.

Gajanan blessings to create a website to help people who are addicted to bad habits :

In shree sai satcharita saibaba has asked several devotees to offer their bad habits as dakshina ( money offerings ) . Not only smoking and drinking but lust, ego, anger, jealousy , lazyness is also bad nature which all saints accepts as Dakshina.

when i was deeply thinking for many days to create a website to help people to offer their bad habits in the holy feets of their sadguru, i had a dream as if i am smoking and i see 2 children who lost their father due to smoking habit are crying “sairam sairam” .

That morning i woke up and felt this smoking dream is a hint by sai to surely work on the new project to help sai children give up bad habits like smoking , drinking etc .

Since i saw myself smoking in the dream ( though i dont smoke ) , i also took it as a blessing of Gajanan Maharaj and by sai grace greated the new website.

Saint Gajanan Maharaj is a smokes Chilim regularly taking puffs deeply with a hissing soung.Surprising fact is that Maharaj smokes chilim only when it is offered affectionately by his devotees and he was not an addict to chilim.

Somehow Gajanan maharaj has captured my heart for life time though his divine leelas in my life is in starting phase. Gajanan maharaj has blessed life of thousands of his devotees with good health, peace and prosperity.

Temple of Gajanan Maharaj :

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj temple is situated near Malkapur district in a small village called Shegoan in Maharastra state,India.

Video of Gajanan Maharaj – Arti

Brotherly affection of Sai baba and Gajanan Maharaj

I  realized Gajanan Maharaj blessings for me when i was trying to make a something good for humanity and prayed shirdi saibaba to give me a hint if i should make a project to help people who has bad habits like smoking/drinking, and generally all of us to surrender our ego,pride,jealousy and lust etc in sadgurus holy feets.

That night i was remembering sai and also was remembering that one of my student always asking me to make a good video for Gajanan maharaj. I was blessed with a  dream as if i am smoking and 2 children crying sairam sairam in dream as their father has passed away due to his bad habit. I realized many children and innocent people are affected by the people who has bad habits like husband drinking spoils a womens like and intern the childrens life. So decided to surely make the website.

i took it as a hint that Sai is blessing me in the form of Gajanan maharaj

i also have read the brotherly affection of shirdi saibaba and Gajana maharaj…..once when Gajanan maharaj has come to shirdi, sai and him both simply saw each other and laughed loudly…may be they were communicating something divine…

when Gajanan maharaj had his samadhi, though shirdi was miles away from shegoan ,Sai Baba has exclimed with deep pain

“My Gajanan has gone”…

Thus we realized all saints love and respect each other and were living for welfare of humanity.

friends..the musician and singer of this video is thanked whole heartedly. My student gave this to me and we edited it this morning by blessings of sai saraswathi

All good Saints are caring, loving and affectionate

Gajanan Maharaj and shirdi Sai Baba bless you with good health, Long life, Peace and prosperity. The most important thing we gain from saints are the wisdom we gain by worshipping them.

Gajanan Maharaj always used to say “Gan Gan Ganata Botey” ….

Venkat Raman

28 : 01: 2009

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